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Sixteenth Session of the Working Party on Gas 
Geneva, 24-25 January 2006





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Presentations by the UNECE Secretariat

Welcome statement
by Mr. George Kowalski, 
Director, IREEDD

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Energy Security Forum
Prepared by Mr. Alex Chachine, IREEDD
60 KB [English]
The Gas Centre Programme 2005 2006
Prepared by Mr. Tans Van Kleef, Gas Centre Manager, UNECE
60 KB [English]
The Gas Centre Database
Prepared by Mr. Alain Tournebise,
Gas Centre Database Manager, Gas Centre, UNECE
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The Road to a United Nations Classification Framework
Prepared by Ms. Charlotte Griffiths, IREEDD

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Energy Efficiency 21 (EE21)
Prepared by Mr. Gianluca Sambucini, IREEDD
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Presentations by Countries (more presentations will be added as soon as they become available)


Development of the Austrian Gas Industry in 2005
Prepared by Mr. Vaclav Vocilka, OMV, Austria

392 KB [English]

Belgian Gas Report 2005
Prepared by Mr. Marc Janssen
Counsellor, The Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy
35 KB [English]


Development of Bulgarian Gas Market in 2005
Prepared by Mr. Martin Boyadjiev Overgas, Bulgaria

829 KB [Pусский]

Natural Gas in Croatia, Report 2005
Prepared by Mr. Ante Zedelj Manager, CROPLIN, Croatia
34 KB [English]

Czech Republic

Gas Industry in the Czech Republic
Prepared by Mr. Josef Antos Ministerial Counsellor, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Department of Gas and Liquid Fuels, Czech Republic

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Le Gaz Naturel en France en 
Prepared by Mr. Jean-Pierre 
Holuigue Head of Technical Affairs (Gas), Ministry of Economy, Finance 
and Industry, France
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Report on the Development of the Gas Industry in the Federal Republic of Germany in 2005
Prepared by Mr. Werner Nowak
Head of the Energy Industry Section
E.ON Ruhrgas AG

12 KB [English]


Natural Gas in Hungary in 2005
Prepared by Mr. Tamas Korosi Senior Leading Advisor Hungarian Energy Office, Hungary

877 KB [Presentation]

Italy: Provisional Data on 2005
Prepared by Mr. Paolo Verri, Economist, ENI SpA, Italy

38 KB [English]


The Norvegian Gas Sector
Prepared by Mr. Lars Tarald Kvam
Ministry of Petroluem and Energy -

565 KB [English]


Gas Industry in Poland in 2005
Prepared by Mr. Bogdan M. Motelski, Department of Energy Security, Ministry of Economy Poland

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Romanian Gas Review 2005
Prepared by Mr. Gheorghe Radu, Deputy Director

23 KB [English]  
Russian Federation

Trends and Prospect of Russian Gas Industry
Prepared by Mr. Roman Samsonov
General Director
Russian Federation
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Serbia and Montenegro

Development of the Gas Market in Serbia & Montenegro
Prepared by Dr. Svetislav Krstic JP “SRBIJAGAS”
2005 KB [English]

Recent Developments in Gas Industry in Slovakia
Prepared by Mr. Miroslav Milan
Slovensky Plynarensky Priemysel (SPP) Slovakia

15 KB [English]

Natural Gas Market in Slovenia 2005
Prepared by Mr. Albin Rome, Advisor to the General Manager
Geoplin d.o.o , Slovenia
336 KB [English]

Overview of the Spanish Gas Market in Year 2005
Prepared by Ms.Ms. Marta Garcia, Head of Service
Ministry of Industry Tourism and Trade, Spain
115 KB [English]

La Situation du Gaz Naturel en Suisse en 2005
Prepared by Mr. Andreas Grossen, Head of Gas Industry Department, Swiss Association of Gas Industry, Switzerland

19 KB [Francais]

Natural Gas Prospects in Turkey
Prepared by  Ms. Hülya AKTAN Technical Expert Strategy and Business Development Department, BOTAS Petroleum Pipeline Corporation, Turkey
1870 KB [English]

Actual Development of the Ukrainian Gas Industry in 2005
Prepared by Mr. Igor Ponomarenko Head of Department,  Ukrtransgas AC,
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United States

North American Energy Report 2005
Prepared by Mr. Robert S. Price Jr., Director European & Asian Affairs, US Department of Energy - USA

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South Africa

Development of Mozambican Gas Fields
Prepared by Mr. Johan de Vos, Chairman
Gigajoule - South Africa

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Presentations by other International Organizations, NGOs, Companies

International Gas Union 2005-2006
Prepared by Mr. Peter K. Storm, Secretary General, International Gas Union

4 230 KB [English]

New principles of OJSC «Gazprom» and Russian pipe producers cooperation
Prepared by Mr Y. GOLKO & SHABALOV OJSC Gazprom

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Natural Gas Vehicle overview Worldwide-Europe & Politics
Prepared by Mr. Jeffrey M. Seisler, Executive Director, European Natural Gas Vehicle Association (ENGVA)

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20-22 September, 2006, St. Petersburg
Prepared by Mr. Arkadi Shabarov
Deputy Director VNIMI

St. Petersburg Russian Federation

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Report of the workshop on
Rehabilitation of the Local Natural Gas
Infrastructure in the city of Tbilisi, 18-19 May 2005 Tbilisi (Georgia),
Prepared by Mr. Tans van Kleef, General Manager, UNECE Gas Centre

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