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High-Level Meeting on Sustainable Energy Policies: the Key to Energy Security
eneva, 27 April 2007
at time of UNECE 60th Anniversary Session
Geneva, 25-27 April 2007





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Lead-off Presentation
The Role and Significance of the Energy Policies of the Russian Federation within the Overall Context of Energy Security for the UNECE Region
Viktor KHRISTENKO, Minister of Industry and Energy, Russian Federation

Министра промышленности и энергетики Российской Федерации
В.Б. Христенко
на 62-й сессии Европейской экономической комиссии ООН
«Роль и значение энергетической политики Российской Федерации в общем контексте энергетической безопасности в регионе ЕЭК ООН»



Individual Presentations
The Role of the Corporate Sector in Facilitating Energy Security and Reduced Emissions – the View from Total
Thierry DESMAREST, President, Total

La contribution des entreprises à la sécurité énergétique et à la réduction des émissions La vision de Total
Intervention de Thierry Desmarest, Président de Total, devant la Commission Économique pour l’Europe des N.U.

36 [Français]

Global Energy Security and the Role of Biofuels
Gregory MANUEL, Special Advisor to the Secretary of State and International Energy Coordinator, United States Department of State

The Unsustainability of Current Energy Trends
Claude MANDIL, Executive Director, International Energy Agency
157 [English]

The European Clean Energy Investment Fund
Walter BLASBERG, Managing Director, Conning & Company, SwissRe Group

390 [English]
Announcement of Government of France Support for the UNECE Energy Efficiency Investment Fund for Eastern Europe
Marc-Antoine MARTIN, General Secretary, French Global Environment Facility
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Panel Session
Input of the Republic of Belarus in Building Up Energy Security in Europe
Shenets LEONID, Deputy Minister of Energy, Belarus

Тезисы выступления
Заместителя Министра энергетики Республики Беларусь г-на Шенца Л.В. на заседании 62-ой сессии Европейской экономической комиссии (ЕЭК) ООН
«Участие Республики Беларусь в формировании политики энергетической безопасности Европы»
145 [Pусский]

The Future of Energy Security in Eurasia: the View from Georgia
Valeri CHECHELASHVILI, First Deputy Foreign Minister, Georgia

29 [English]
Turkey’s Role as an Energy Supply Gateway and its Significance for Global Energy Security
Selahattin CIMEN, Deputy Undersecretary, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey
1 355 [English]

Energy and the Global Economy
Gerlando GENUARDI, Vice President, European Investment Bank

44 [English]
The Role of Governments and International Organisations in Promoting Energy Security: the View from the Energy Charter Secretariat
André MERNIER, Secretary General, Energy Charter Secretariat
17 [English]