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Seventh Meeting of the Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency Investments for Climate Change Mitigation
1–2 December 2005



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Opening Remarks 
Delivered by Mr. George Kowalski, Director, Sustainable Energy Division, UNECE
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Delivered by Mr. Bernard Laponche, Chairman, EE21 Project Consultant
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Delivered by Mr. Bernard Jamet, Chairman, Ad Hoc Group of Experts Climate Change, Co-ordination Global Environment Facility (GEF), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
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Transfer of Skills and Knowledge to the UNF/UNFIP Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Investments for Climate Change Mitigation
Prepared by Mr. Deltcho Vitchev, Director, RFI Renaissance Finance International Ltd, United Kingdom

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“Energy Efficiency and Renewables in the Transition Process” - Report Developed Together with the Energy Charter Secretariat
Conclusions and Recommendations
Prepared by Mr. Trond Dahlsveen, Director, ENSI - Energy Saving International AS,
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Russian Federation -  Ecological and Energy Efficiency Market
Prepared by Mr. Stepan Dudarev, General Director, Non-Profit Partnership "National Carbon Union", Russian Federation
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Energy Efficiency 21 - Financing Energy Efficiency Investments
Prepared by Mr. Frederic Romig, UNECE
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Energy Efficiency 21 - Status Report
Prepared by Mr. Gianluca Sambucini, UNECE
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Energy Saving, Environmental Protection Activity Support for Tver Region
Prepared by Mr. Vladimir Fedulin, Project Director, KSK Association, Russian Federation
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Policy on Energy Efficiency and RES and Possibilities for Project Financing in Bulgaria, New Phase EE 21 Project
Prepared by Mr. Kolio Kolev, Director, Energy Efficiency Agency (EEA), Bulgaria
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GreenLabelsPurchase - Making a Greener Procurement Developed in the Framework of the EC Programme: Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) - SAVE, ALTENER, STEER and Horizontal Key Actions - Type 1 Actions
Prepared by Ms. Milena Presutto, Project Manager, Unit for Sustainable Development, ENEA, Italy
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IAS «Ecoanalyst»
Prepared by Ms. Svetlana Prokopchina, General Director, CINTECH Ltd.; and  Vice President, NGO "Intelligent Systems", Russian Federation
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Preparation of the Russian Federation Participation in “Developing Capacities and Removing Barriers to Financing Energy Efficiency Investments for Climate Change Mitigation” Project
Prepared by Mr. Boris Reutov, Head of Department Federal Agency for Science and Innovations, Russian Federation
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Experience in Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
Prepared by Mr. Corneliu Rotaru, Director, ARCE Ministry of Economy and Trade, Romanian Agency for Energy Conservation,
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Experience in Energy Efficiency Financing in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prepared by Mr. Hilmo Sehovic, Senior Energy Expert, Federal Ministry of Energy Mining and Industry, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Expected Impact of the New GEF/UNEP/UNECE Project on the Bulgarian Financing Practices
Prepared by Mr. Zdravko Genchev, Executive Director, Center for Energy Efficiency (EnEffect), Bulgaria
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Energy Efficiency 21 - Web Survey Report
Prepared by Mr. Zdravko Genchev, Executive Director, Center for Energy Efficiency (EnEffect), Bulgaria
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Russian Federation - Energy Efficiency Investments 
Prepared by Mr. Evgeny Zenyutich, Executive Director, Regional Centre of Energy Saving (NICE), Russian Federation
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