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Eighteenth Steering Committee meeting of the Energy Efficiency 21 Project (EE21)
Geneva, 30 and 31 May 2007


30 May | 31 May | 1 June



Presentation Title & Author Size Downlaod
30 MAY 2007
George Kowalski, Director, UNECE Sustainable Energy Division 25 [English]
Special Presentation
The SwissRe European Clean Energy Fund (ECEF)
Walter Balsberg, Managing Director Conning
390 [English]
Recent Developments of the EE21 Project
Introduction by the Secretariat 69 [English]
The Regional Network for Efficient Use of Energy and Water Resources in Southeast Europe (RENEUER)
Zdravko Genchev, Vice-Chairman
533 [English]

Green Public Procurement and Energy Efficiency of End-uses
Milena Presutto, Vice-Chairman

1 190 [English]
Biomass energy for heating and hot water supply in Belarus
Vladimir Voitekhovich, Department for Energy Efficiency
2 312 [English]
Removing barriers to Energy Efficiency Improvements in the State Sector in Belarus
Evgeniy Nadezhdin, UNECE
314 [Pусский]

Development of Coal Mine Methane Projects in the EECCA Region
Clark Talkington, UNECE

165 [English]
Launching of the project “Financing Energy Efficiency Investments for Climate Change Mitigation”
Introduction by the Secretariat 60 [English]
Round Table: Focus on the activity “Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Interfuel Substitution in the Russian Federation”
Energy efficient technologies implementation in Russia
Yury Yarygin, Vladislav Karasevich , Promgaz

Внедрени еэнергоэффективных технологий в России

1 751

1 990

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Interfuel Substitution in RF
Friedhelm Wannagat, European Business Council
331 [English]
Presentations of National Participating Institutions and National Coordinators
Regional Aspects of Improving Energy Efficiency in Russia
Zenyutich Evgeny, Energy Efficiency Scientific Research Institute  
1 202 [English]
Increasing Energy Efficiency in Belarus
Lev Dubovik, State Committee for Standardization  

Повышение Энерго эффективности В Республике Беларусь



Recent Efforts to Boost Investments in Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation in Ukraine
Mykola Raptsun, ARENA-ECO  



Energy Efficiency in Bulgaria
Zdravko Genchev, Vice-Chairman

69 [English]

31 MAY 2006
Presentations on the sub-regional and country-oriented projects
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources in Croatia
Željko Jurić, Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar (EIHP)
573 [English]
Drisla Landfill – Energy Utilisation Potential in Macedonia
Ognen Dimitrov, Energy Agency
241 [English]
Heat Power Plant reconstruction in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Saparbek Balkibekov, Uzak Kydyrbaev, OIJC “Power Plants”
472 [English]
Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Climate Change in Russia
Mikhail Soloviev, Fuel and Energy Complex Department Ministry for Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation

SEDC proposals to contribute into the EE 21 project
Inina Yazvina, Sustainable Energy Development Center (SEDC)



How Energy Efficiency projects are treated for emission credit purposes under the Kyoto protocol
John Palmisano, Chairman, IETG  


Energy Efficiency in Russia: the Current Trends & Potential
Reutov Boris, Federal Agency on Science and Innovations  
100 [English]

Energy efficiency investment projects in using of gas and biofuel in regions of Russian Federation: experience, intellectual management and perspectives
Kalinin Pavel, Kichikov Svytoslav, Propopchina Svetlana, CINTECH

1 047 [English]
Key factors for preparing a business plan
Deltcho Vitchev, Renaissance Finance International Ltd
Financing Energy Efficiency as a Viable Alternative to New Energy Supply
Larisa Dobriansky, EVO  
70 [English]

The role of International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) in Energy Efficiency projects
Pierre Langlois, ECONOLER

84 [English]
Inter-divisional Cooperation: Timber Section Work and Wood-Energy
Christopher Prins, UNECE/ FAO
390 [English]
“Environment for Europe” Pan-European cooperation for Environment and Sustainable Development
Kaj Barlund, Director, UNECE Environment Division
3 447 [English]