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Tenth Meeting of the Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Investments for Climate Change Mitigation
Geneva, 21-22 February 2008






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21 February 2008
Item 3. Seminar on Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Investments with the European Clean Energy Fund
Project introduction by the Secretariat
Gianluca Sambucini, Secretary to the Sustainable Energy Committee
62 [English]
SwissRe Clean Energy and Climate Change Mitigation Investment Funds
Markus van der Burg SwissRe / Conning & Company
887 [English]
The European Clean Energy Fund
Jean Daniel Borgeaud, Mark Vickers, TCW Energy and Infrastructure Group
572 [English]
Specific conditions to promote energy efficiency and renewable investment projects in Romania
Corneliu Rotaru, Romanian Agency for Energy Conservation
287 [English]
Developing decentralized cogeneration in Romania – RAEF Experience
Valeriu Binig, Romanian American Enterprise Fund (RAEF)
56 [English]
Introductory Outlook for Bulgaria
Zdravko Genchev, EnEffect
Municipal projects for Renewable Energy Sources- biomass, solar and wind Challenges and potential
Pavel Manchev, Manager of EnEffect Consult
394 [English]
Projects’ proposals - Possibilities and obstacles for investments in RES - wind and PH in Bulgaria
Ivan Gerginov, Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Fund
773 [English]
RES policy in Bulgaria
Kostadinka Todorova, Svetlana Yordanova, Ministry of Economy and Energy
325 [English]
UNEP FI - a Public Private Partnership for Climate Sustainability
Remco Fischer, UNEP Finance Initiative
744 [English]
The EIB Approach to Investment in the Energy Efficiency Sector
Martin Poulsen, European Investment Fund
74 [English]
Energy Efficiency Investment Project Development in the Russian Federation
Sergey Koblov, Sustainable Energy Development Centre
Energy efficiency projects investment possibilities in the Republic of Belarus and proposals on intensifying EE21 project activities
Vladimir Kouzmitch, Belvneshenergo
201 [English]
Energy Efficiency Investment Project Development in Kazakhstan
German Trofimov, Power and Engineering Union
Energy Efficiency Investment Project Development in Ukraine
Mykola Raptsun, Agency for Rational Energy Use and Ecology
124 [English]

22 February 2008
4. Recent developments of the Financing Energy Efficiency Investments for Climate Change Mitigation project
UNECE EE Structure & Developments - Presentation by the Secretariat
Gianluca Sambucini, Sustainable Energy Committee Secretary
64 [English]
Conference on International Cooperation on Energy Efficiency
Adam Sek, Regional Advisor
151 [English]
5. Experience of project preparation for financing investments by the European Clean Energy Fund
Experience in financing projects in Bulgaria and Romania – current state and future needs
Deltcho Vitchev, Renaissance Finance International
6. Preparation of the Regional Analysis of Policy Reforms to Promote Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Investments
UNECE EE Regional Analysis - Presentation by the Secretariat
Frederic Romig, Director, UNECE Sustainable Energy Division
43 [English]
Policy Development and Challenges in Developing Energy Efficiency-Focus on the project countries
Valya Peeva, Energy Charter
180 [English]
7. Presentations of National Coordinators and National Participating Institutions
Albania-EU Energy Efficiency Centre and Its Activities for Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Albania
Edmond Hido, Albania EU Energy Efficiency Centre
Financial Engineering for Energy Efficiency Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hilmo Sehovic, Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry
207 [English]
Renewable Energy Sources in Croatia –Latest Achievements
Željko Jurić, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar
1039 [English]
Main Pillars of the Energy Efficiency Strategy in Macedonia
Ognen Dimitrov, Energy Agency
2392 [English]
Capacity in Energy Efficiency Project Preparation in Serbia
Vladimir Kolarevic, Ministry of Mining and Energy
685 [English]
Aspects of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Joint Implementation Projects of Ukrainian Portfolio
Heorhiy Veremiychyk, Ministry of environmental Protection
651 [English]