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Sixteenth Session of the Steering Committee of the Energy Efficiency 21 Project (EE21)
Geneva, 29 June - 1 July 2005





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USAID’s Municipal Network for Energy Efficiency Studies for Europe & Eurasia:(1) Urban Heating and (2) EE & Urban Utility Affordability
Prepared by Ms. Astghine Pasoyan, Alliance to Save Energy

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Russian Programme for Renewable Energy
Prepared by Mr. Boris Reutev, Ministry of Education and Science, Russian Federation
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The New Measurement-Analytical Tools for Energy Efficiency Management and Kyoto Protocol Mechanisms Realizations on the Base of Bayesian Intelligent Technologies
Prepared by Ms. Svetlana Prokopchina, Professor, CINTECH and Intelligent System Scientific Corporation, Russian Federation
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Ongoing Norwegian Capacity Building Programmes in 13 Countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS
Prepared by Mr. Trond Dahlsveen, ENSI - Energy Saving International AS, NEEG - The Norwegian Energy Efficiency Group,  Norway
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Energy Efficiency and Renewables - in Search of Viable Projects and Financial Mechanisms to Mitigate Climate Change
Prepared by Mr. Deltcho Vitchev, Renaissance Finance International, Bulgaria
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Energy Efficiency 21 Secretariat, Agenda Item 4: Project Implementation
Prepared by Mr. Fred Romig, UNECE
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Energy Efficiency 21 Secretariat, Agenda Item 5
Prepared by Mr. Gianluca Sambucini, UNECE
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Programme Energy Saving in Educational Establishments in Russian Federation
Prepared by Mr. Sergeev Sergey, Ministry of Education and Science, Russian Federation
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CE European Developments European in the Financing of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
Prepared by Ms. Éva Weöres and;
Mr. Botond Weöres, OTP Bank EnergoBanking Kft, Hungary
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The Fuel-energy Balance for Practical Energy Efficiency
Prepared by Mr. Igor Nesterenko, GEO IT-Centre JSC, Russian Federation
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The Bulgarian Path to Successful Financing of Municipal Energy Efficiency Projects: Review of Financing Instruments
Prepared by Mr. Zdravko Genchev, Mr. Dimitar Doukov and Mr. Pavel Manchev, EnEffect, Bulgaria
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The Updated RENEUER Strategy Calls for Additional Support in Several Key Areas: Possible Role of UNECE Energy Efficiency 21 Project in Further Strengthening of Financing Capabilities of Southeast European Countries
Prepared by Mr. Zdravko Genchev, EnEffect, Bulgaria
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Government of the Russian Federation and GEF/UNDP Project Implementation of the Project: “Capacity Building to Reduce Key Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Russian Residential Building and Heat Supply”
Prepared by Mr. Boris F. Reutov, Deputy National Project Director, Ministry of Education and Science, Federal Agency of Science and Innovations, Russian Federation
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Municipal Bioenergetical System Influencing Greenhouse Sources, Absorbers and Gases
Prepared by Ms. Vera Khmeleva , President MUE «Zelenstroy», Russian Federation
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Examining Urban Heating and Residential Energy Efficiency
Prepared by Mr. Ira Birnbaum, USAID
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Energy Efficiency of Major Household Appliances in Europe
Prepared by Ms. Milena Presutto, Advisor, Unit for Sustainable Development, ENEA, Italy
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Romanian National Strategy Regarding the Thermal Energy Supply of Cities
Prepared by Mr. Robert Gavrilic and Ms. Ana Maria Bianchi, Technical University of Civil Engineering, Romania
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Ukraine-EU Cooperation on Institutional and Technical Capacity Building for Participation in the UNFCC and the Kyoto Protocol
Prepared by Mr. Sergey Surnin, Executive Director, Agency for Rational Energy Use and Ecology, Ukraine
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The UNDP/GEF Energy Efficiency Financing Team in Romania
Prepared by Mr. Mark Velody, Project Manager, UNOPS Project Office
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Prepared by Mr. Eugene A. Zenyutich, State Technical of Nizhny Novgorod, Regional Centre for Energy Saving, Russian Federation
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