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Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation

Geneva, 29 June 2005





The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Kyoto Protocol: Targets and Implementation Issues
Prepared by Ms. Katia Simeonova, Programme Officer, UNFCCC Secretariat

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Kyoto Protocol, Russia and Global Ecological Market
Prepared by Mr. Stepan Dudarev, General Director, National Carbon Union, Russian Federation

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Fonds Mondial pour l'Environnement et EE 21 
Prepared by Mr. Bernard Jamet, GEF Climate Change Coordination, UNEP
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Energy Efficiency 21
Prepared by Mr. Bernard Laponche, Chairman, Steering Committee, Energy Efficiency 21
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The French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) Response to the Kyoto Protocol
Prepared by Mr. Francis Stephan, Deputy Director of Economic Development and Environment, Department of Development and Technical Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France
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EIB’s Activities in Support of the EU’s Climate Change Policy
Prepared by Mr. Henry Marty-Gauquié, Director, Liaison with International Organisations, Paris Office, EIB
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The Kyoto Protocol: The Role and Potential of End-use Energy and the Recommended Actions
Prepared by Mr. Paolo Bertoldi, DG Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission

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EBRD and Climate Change Mitigation - Financing Sustainable Energy
Prepared by Mr. Jean-Willem Van de Ven, Energy Efficiency Team, EBRD
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An Insight into Aspects of the Relevant Experience Of IXIS-CIB In the Context Of the Proposal for a Public Private Partnership Vehicle to be Set up with UNECE Dedicated to Financing Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy projects in Central and Eastern Europe under the Aegis of EE21
Prepared by Mr. Heneage Legge-Bourke, Senior Director Financial Engineering, IXIS Corporate Investment Bank and;
Mrs. Pascale Thévenoux, Senior Officer, IXIS Corporate and Investment Bank, France

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EE-Capital Green Fund Update for The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Prepared by Mr. John Palmisano, Chairman, Energy and Environment Capital LLC, United States
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The UN Foundation and the Climate Change Challenge
Prepared by Mr. Duncan Marsh, United Nations Foundation
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