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Energy Security RisksCD ROM: Energy Security Risks and Financial Markets



Energy security today is a key concern of policy makers, energy industries and the general public. There is an increased sense of vulnerability about the future availability of reasonably priced energy. The instability and continuing conflict in Iraq, the tensions in the Middle East, sabotage and terrorist attacks in major oil and gas producing countries, the unfavourable investment climate in a number of producing countries, the growing energy import dependence of major consuming countries, and the corporate and policy failures, such as the Enron bankruptcy and the electric power blackouts in North America and Europe, are all contributing to heightened anxieties.


In response to these pressing issues the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Committee on Sustainable Energy launched the Energy Security Forum during its annual session in November 2003. This interactive CD-Rom captures the views of Energy Security Forum members on film footage, audio visual presentations and text of how energy security risks and the financial markets affect each other.


The Energy Security Forum brings together a unique group of senior executives from energy companies, OPEC, key consuming countries, major non-OPEC hydrocarbon exporters and leading financial institutions to determine how energy security risks are perceived by different constituencies and how such risks can be mitigated through dialogue.

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