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Energy Security

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The UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy is initiating a dialogue within the Energy Security Forum among senior executives from major oil and natural gas companies, energy producers, and leading financial institutions. 

The aim is to review energy security risks, financial market reactions and potential energy policy responses.


Selected Publications


Guidelines on Reforming Energy Pricing and Subsidies


Investing in Energy Security Risk Mitigation (ECE Energy Series No. 34)
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Guidelines on Reforming Energy Pricing and Subsidies


Emerging Global Energy Security Risks (The ECE Energy Series No. 36)
This publication is the result of the analysis and discussions conducted by the Energy Security Forum on the global dimensions of emerging energy security risks facing UNECE Member States.
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CD-ROM "Energy Security Risks and Financial Markets"
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Interactive proceedings of the Roundtable have been published by UNECE as a CD-ROM entitled "New Energy Security Threats"
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