UNUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe


Regional Advisory Services




UNECE offers short-term advisory services to its member States upon their request.


Advisory services may also be made available to recipient countries in the course of implementation of ECE technical cooperation projects. 


Advisory services are mainly provided by the ECE Regional Advisers, who are experts in their respective fields.

Apart from advisory services, they also assist in elaborating project-proposals, fund-raising, training of nationals, organizing study tours, workshops and seminars. As the UNECE does not have country offices, its Regional Advisers play an important role in establishing cooperative ties with national, regional and international organizations active in the fields of concern to the Commission. They also channel country requests for assistance to the ECE secretariat. A number of the Regional Advisers serve as UNECE focal points on sub-regional country groupings and initiatives and, therefore, are responsible for monitoring the implementation of the technical cooperation agreement between the ECE and a respective country grouping/initiative. 


The SED Division currently has one Regional Advisor working in the area of sustainable energy development:


Mr. Adam Sek

E-mail: adam.sek@unece.org


The work of Regional Advisor in the area of enterprise development and SMEs has ceased in June 2005.