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Coal Mine Methane Project




The main objective of the project is to perform the necessary work to secure financing for three to six commercially viable coal mine methane projects in the Central and South-Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The project will commence in autumn 2005 and it will be carried over a period of three years.


Year One. In the first year of the project the experts shall identify one to two projects in the Russian Federation with good prospects for securing financing, following which assistance will be given to the coal operators and project developers to package their projects into bankable investments. This shall take place in consultation with the EE21 officials and representatives of the investment funds directly affiliated with the EE21 at UNECE's headquarters in Geneva and during missions to the Russian Federation.

Year Two. The same process as in year one shall be undertaken to advance one to two projects in Kazakhstan to obtain financing.  The approach shall be modified to take into account lessons learned from the first year of the project. 

Year Three. The projects will be identified and supported from other countries in the Region, with the expectation of securing financing for one-two projects. Support shall be provided for participation of experts from the region who have secured financing to attend a major international conference (as yet to be determined) to convey the lessons learned to the international methane mitigation community. 


A detailed work plan schedule can be accessed here



The main benefits the project aims to achieve are:


  Greenhouse Gas Reductions
  Creating Investment Opportunities and Economic Development in Economies in Transition
  Local environmental benefits
  Coal mine safety benefits
  Increased coal productivity, ventilation power cost savings and reduced development costs




To facilitate project identification for further technical assistance, the UNECE had developed tools to assist potential project sponsors. These tools can be used by project sponsors for their own internal purposes or to provide notice of interest to the UNECE and potential investors of a sponsor's interest in attracting investment. Those submitting a completed Project Identification Form to the UNECE should note that any completed forms received will be posted to the internet in the interest of ensuring an open and transparent process.


Document Title
Project Identification Form
Criteria for Financing CMM Projects

Project Identification Forms


Document Title
Krasnogorskaya Mine - Russia  
Russian PIF #1


31 January 2006, Geneva, Switzerland