Capacity Building for Air Quality Management and the Application of 
Clean Coal Combustion Technologies in Central Asia

United Nations Development Account Project

WP4: Development of Sub-Regional Network for Energy Related Emission Reductions

A sub-regional network will be established between national participating institutions and international partners through enhanced Internet/Intranet communications for value added information transfers on air pollution problems (WP1 above), energy efficiency and CCTs, as well as modalities and sources of finance for investment projects in the heat and thermal power generation sector. The network will comprise representatives of relevant national ministries and public and private sector experts from electric power utilities, the coal industry, municipal heat distribution companies and international experts. 

Air monitoring and air quality evaluation are complex processes, as are the conditions under which these processes can be practically realized due to a range of issues, including information uncertainties, unknown models of measurement errors, and cross-correlation between components of air and pollutants etc. It is therefore important that a powerful methodological base and information system for air monitoring, air quality estimation and management for energy-related emission reductions, compatible with the EMEP system (WP3 above) is used. 

A Regional Information Network of national institutions involved in energy and water saving, comprising eight information-analytical centers in four Central Asia countries, was created on the basis of BIT within the framework of the UNDA project "Rational and Efficient Use of Energy and Water Resources in Central Asia". A dedicated website and set of electronic maps in GIS (Geographic Information System) format were also developed. In implementing the project it would therefore be logical, economic and practically useful to build on and upgrade the software previously created for selected centers in Central Asia. 

An analytical information system will be created for generating recommendations and air quality management decision-making in the energy sector, on the basis of the expertise, data and analysis available in the EMEP system. 

Two training workshops will be organized to provide instruction on the use of the new analytical information system. Selected experts from each of the interested Central Asian economies will be invited to take part, with a total of 10-12 participants. Experts will be provided with tasks for completion nationally and these will then be finalized, checked and corrected at the training sessions using the new analytical information system. 

Databases comprising information on clean coal combustion technologies and their effective application for different types of pollutants and their sources will be established for use by coal exploration and production enterprises. An Internet/Intranet website will be developed for use by all participants of the sub-regional network for value added information exchanges and dissemination of project outputs. 

The specific outputs of this work package are: 

  • The establishment of a sub-regional network comprising representative experts on clean coal technologies and investment project finance from the public and private sectors of interested participating countries in Central Asia. 

  • An Internet/Intranet website for use by all participants of the sub-regional network for value added information exchanges and dissemination of project outputs

  • Enhanced capacity on the use of the analytical information system and the web portal, specifically through two training workshops for selected experts from interested Central Asian states.



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