Capacity Building for Air Quality Management and the Application of 
Clean Coal Combustion Technologies in Central Asia

United Nations Development Account Project

WP3: Linking European and Asian Air Monitoring and Evaluation Programmes 

The objectives
of WP3 are to establish links between systems of regional ambient air monitoring and air quality management in Asia and Europe and to improve the monitoring network of ambient air quality in Central Asia. 

Cooperation between other actors in Asia and Europe is necessary on all levels: effects, science, emission inventories, monitoring, atmosphere modelling abatement options and costs, integrated assessments and policy development. Activities will include consultancy reports and an international workshop with representation of responsible programmes and institutions in Asia and Europe. As a first step the results of these will include a plan for using monitoring results from Central Asia as an integrated part of the Asian monitoring work and the EMEP system (Cooperative Programme for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Long-Range Transmission of Air Pollutants in Europe). Some consideration will also be given to the future development of reporting of effects through the establishment of monitoring programmes, though full development of this activity lies outside the scope of the current project. 

The project will fund the upgrading of one ambient monitoring station in Central Asia. The criteria for selecting the monitoring station will be suitability for inclusion in the EMEP network and sustainability of its funding. 

The results from the upgraded monitoring station and deliveries from that station will be posted to the project website in order to share the information gained with the region hence further facilitating capacity and knowledge building. 

The outputs of this work package are: 

  • Upgrading of one ambient air monitoring station according to EMEP requirements;

  •  Delivery of monitoring results, according to the requirements of the EMEP monitoring strategy, to EMEP and UNEP Bangkok during 6 months; and 

  • Proposals for estimating and reporting emission inventories and for future collaboration on effects monitoring. 



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