Capacity Building for Air Quality Management and the Application of 
Clean Coal Combustion Technologies in Central Asia

United Nations Development Account Project

WP2: Development of Sub regional Cooperation on Air Pollution Problems as part of the Regional Cooperation under the Convention 

Experiences from
the work carried out at the national level will be used as the basis for raising awareness and developing capacity in the other countries of Central Asia. 

The air component of the Regional Environmental Action Programme will be developed for the sub-region, addressing the specific challenges related to air pollution and defining recommendations for urgent action. The document, which will be brief, concise and succinct, will be an input to awareness-raising, and, when appropriately endorsed, could guide political action. It could contribute to the further development of sub-regional cooperation and could also serve as a checklist for the degree of achievement. 

In workshops, to which air quality experts from all countries of Central Asia will be invited, the Strategic Framework document and the results of the work performed in WP1 will be presented and discussed. These workshops will aim at awareness raising, stressing the driving forces for regulatory action and highlighting the benefits - human, social and economic - of taking measures. An important task of the workshops will be to develop and agree on a structure for sub-regional cooperation on air quality management for inclusion in the Regional Environmental Action Programme. 

Development of internet information and promotion of a communication network on air pollution issues in Central Asia, especially those related to the implementation of the Convention and its protocols will also be a part of this Work Package. 

This WP will be implemented in close coordination with WP5. 

The outputs as well as indicators of this work package are: 

  •  Training of 30 air pollution experts from at least four countries of Central Asia during two training workshops (on Air Quality Management and the International Legal Framework; and 

  • International Air Monitoring, Data and Reporting); 

  • A developed version of the air component of the Regional Environmental Action Programme that includes an agreed structure for improved sub-regional cooperation on air quality management. 

  • Information on air pollution issues in Central Asia available on the Internet



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