Capacity Building for Air Quality Management and the Application of 
Clean Coal Combustion Technologies in Central Asia

United Nations Development Account Project

WP1: Implementation Plans for the LRTAP Convention Protocols

On the basis
of monitoring and scientific studies, a National Concept for implementing selected protocols to the LRTAP Convention will be developed for one of the Central Asian countries. The country will be selected on the basis of the level of preparedness for implementation of CLRTAP Protocols. In this work the major requirements and legislative measures for meeting obligations under the protocols will be defined. The National Concept will also define and assess the important driving forces for action, e.g. human health. 

Using the Concept as guidance, a detailed National Programme will be drawn up for meeting obligations for selected protocols. This should consider not just technical measures in a chosen sector but also possible structural change and behavioral adjustments. It should accommodate national awareness raising at all levels (including: effects on public health, environment, agricultural crop yields; economic development; and, international cooperation for cost-effective solutions whilst stressing the long-term benefits). It should recognize the particular difficulties and obstacles in the region and ideally be developed as part of the country's National Development Plan to ensure the problem of air pollution receives the political attention it deserves. Stressing the benefits of action will help this process. It should address the specific requirements of protocols, including emissions reporting. 

This WP will be implemented in close coordination with WP5. 

To implement the National Programme, a third step will be the development of an Implementation Plan. This will identify the detailed steps and timetable for implementing the National Programme.

The outputs as well as indicators of this work package are: a National Concept, a National Programme and an Implementation Plan agreed on by authorities in one Central Asian country.



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