Subdivision 8 governorates (en) / gouvernorat (fr) / mouhâfazah, muḩāfaz̧ah (ar) 
List Source IGN 1992; Administrative Map of Lebanon; PCGN 2006 
Code Source ISO/TC 46/WG 2 Secretariat (*) 
Romanization systems 1) Principles for romanization from Lebanese Arabic to Latin Characters (National Ministry of Defence of the Lebanese Republic 1963); 2) BGN/PCGN 1956 system for Arabic 

Country Subdivision Name Level
LB    AK  Aakkârâli  Governorate 
LB    AS  Liban-Nordâli  Governorate 
LB    BA  Beyrouth  Governorate 
LB    BH  Baalbek-Hermel  Governorate 
LB    BI  Béqaa  Governorate 
LB    JA  Liban-Sudûbi  Governorate 
LB    JL  Mont-Liban  Governorate 
LB    NA  Nabatîyé  Governorate 

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