Subdivision England: 27 two-tier counties (en) / Angleterre: comtés à 2 niveaux (fr); 32 London boroughs (en) / arrondissements de Londres (fr); 36 metropolitan districts (en) / districts métropolitains (fr); 55 unitary authorities (en) (includes 4 single-tier counties) / autorités unitaires (incluant 4 comtés de niveau unique) (fr); 1 city corporation (en) / corporation urbaine (fr); Northern Ireland: 26 district council areas (en) / Irlande du Nord: zones de conseil de district (fr); Scotland: 32 council areas (en) / Écosse: zones de conseil (fr); Wales: 22 unitary authorities (each with official names in English and Welsh) (en) / Pays de Galles: autorités unitaires (chacune avec les noms officiels en anglais et en gallois) (fr); 
List Source "Gazetteer for the Reorganised Statistical Regions and Local Authorities in the United Kingdom", Office for National Statistics, June 1997; Corrections notified by BSI 2000-11-27; BGN/PCGN 2008 and 2009 
Code Source British Standard BS 6879 
Remark BS 6879 gives alternative name forms in Welsh for some of the Welsh unitary authorities (together with alternative code elements). Since this part of the ISO 3166 does not allow for duplicate coding of identical subdivisions such alternative names in Welsh and code elements are shown for information purposes only in square brackets after the English name of the subdivision. 

Country Subdivision Name Level
GB    ABD  Aberdeenshire  Council area 
GB    ABE  Aberdeen City  Council area 
GB    AGB  Argyll and Bute  Council area 
GB    AGY  Isle of Anglesey [Sir Ynys Môn GB-YNM]  Unitary authority 
GB    ANS  Angus  Council area 
GB    ANT  Antrim  District council area 
GB    ARD  Ards  District council area 
GB    ARM  Armagh  District council area 
GB    BAS  Bath and North East Somerset  Unitary authority 
GB    BBD  Blackburn with Darwen  Unitary authority 
GB    BDF  Bedfordshire  Unitary authority 
GB    BDG  Barking and Dagenham  London borough 
GB    BEN  Brent  London borough 
GB    BEX  Bexley  London borough 
GB    BFS  Belfast  District council area 
GB    BGE  Bridgend [Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr GB-POG]  Unitary authority 
GB    BGW  Blaenau Gwent  Unitary authority 
GB    BIR  Birmingham  Metropolitan district 
GB    BKM  Buckinghamshire  Two-tier county 
GB    BLA  Ballymena  District council area 
GB    BLY  Ballymoney  District council area 
GB    BMH  Bournemouth  Unitary authority 
GB    BNB  Banbridge  District council area 
GB    BNE  Barnet  London borough 
GB    BNH  Brighton and Hove  Unitary authority 
GB    BNS  Barnsley  Metropolitan district 
GB    BOL  Bolton  Metropolitan district 
GB    BPL  Blackpool  Unitary authority 
GB    BRC  Bracknell Forest  Unitary authority 
GB    BRD  Bradford  Metropolitan district 
GB    BRY  Bromley  London borough 
GB    BST  Bristol, City of  Unitary authority 
GB    BUR  Bury  Metropolitan district 
GB    CAM  Cambridgeshire  Two-tier county 
GB    CAY  Caerphilly [Caerffili GB-CAF]  Unitary authority 
GB    CBF  Central Bedfordshire  Unitary authority 
GB    CGN  Ceredigion [Sir Ceredigion]  Unitary authority 
GB    CGV  Craigavon  District council area 
GB    CHE  Cheshire East  Unitary authority 
GB    CHW  Cheshire West and Chester  Unitary authority 
GB    CKF  Carrickfergus  District council area 
GB    CKT  Cookstown  District council area 
GB    CLD  Calderdale  Metropolitan district 
GB    CLK  Clackmannanshire  Council area 
GB    CLR  Coleraine  District council area 
GB    CMA  Cumbria  Two-tier county 
GB    CMD  Camden  London borough 
GB    CMN  Carmarthenshire [Sir Gaerfyrddin GB-GFY]  Unitary authority 
GB    CON  Cornwall  Unitary authority 
GB    COV  Coventry  Metropolitan district 
GB    CRF  Cardiff [Caerdydd GB-CRD]  Unitary authority 
GB    CRY  Croydon  London borough 
GB    CSR  Castlereagh  District council area 
GB    CWY  Conwy  Unitary authority 
GB    DAL  Darlington  Unitary authority 
GB    DBY  Derbyshire  Two-tier county 
GB    DEN  Denbighshire [Sir Ddinbych GB-DDB]  Unitary authority 
GB    DER  Derby  Unitary authority 
GB    DEV  Devon  Two-tier county 
GB    DGN  Dungannon  District council area 
GB    DGY  Dumfries and Galloway  Council area 
GB    DNC  Doncaster  Metropolitan district 
GB    DND  Dundee City  Council area 
GB    DOR  Dorset  Two-tier county 
GB    DOW  Down  District council area 
GB    DRY  Derry  District council area 
GB    DUD  Dudley  Metropolitan district 
GB    DUR  Durham  Unitary authority 
GB    EAL  Ealing  London borough 
GB    EAY  East Ayrshire  Council area 
GB    EDH  Edinburgh, City of  Council area 
GB    EDU  East Dunbartonshire  Council area 
GB    ELN  East Lothian  Council area 
GB    ELS  Eilean Siar  Council area 
GB    ENF  Enfield  London borough 
GB    ERW  East Renfrewshire  Council area 
GB    ERY  East Riding of Yorkshire  Unitary authority 
GB    ESS  Essex  Two-tier county 
GB    ESX  East Sussex  Two-tier county 
GB    FAL  Falkirk  Council area 
GB    FER  Fermanagh  District council area 
GB    FIF  Fife  Council area 
GB    FLN  Flintshire [Sir y Fflint GB-FFL]  Unitary authority 
GB    GAT  Gateshead  Metropolitan district 
GB    GLG  Glasgow City  Council area 
GB    GLS  Gloucestershire  Two-tier county 
GB    GRE  Greenwich  London borough 
GB    GWN  Gwynedd  Unitary authority 
GB    HAL  Halton  Unitary authority 
GB    HAM  Hampshire  Two-tier county 
GB    HAV  Havering  London borough 
GB    HCK  Hackney  London borough 
GB    HEF  Herefordshire, County of  Unitary authority 
GB    HIL  Hillingdon  London borough 
GB    HLD  Highland  Council area 
GB    HMF  Hammersmith and Fulham  London borough 
GB    HNS  Hounslow  London borough 
GB    HPL  Hartlepool  Unitary authority 
GB    HRT  Hertfordshire  Two-tier county 
GB    HRW  Harrow  London borough 
GB    HRY  Haringey  London borough 
GB    IOW  Isle of Wight  Unitary authority 
GB    ISL  Islington  London borough 
GB    IVC  Inverclyde  Council area 
GB    KEC  Kensington and Chelsea  London borough 
GB    KEN  Kent  Two-tier county 
GB    KHL  Kingston upon Hull, City of  Unitary authority 
GB    KIR  Kirklees  Metropolitan district 
GB    KTT  Kingston upon Thames  London borough 
GB    KWL  Knowsley  Metropolitan districtn 
GB    LAN  Lancashire  Two-tier county 
GB    LBH  Lambeth  London borough 
GB    LCE  Leicester  Unitary authority 
GB    LDS  Leeds  Metropolitan district 
GB    LEC  Leicestershire  Two-tier county 
GB    LEW  Lewisham  London borough 
GB    LIN  Lincolnshire  Two-tier county 
GB    LIV  Liverpool  Metropolitan district 
GB    LMV  Limavady  District council area 
GB    LND  London, City of  City Corporation 
GB    LRN  Larne  District council area 
GB    LSB  Lisburn  District council area 
GB    LUT  Luton  Unitary authority 
GB    MAN  Manchester  Metropolitan district 
GB    MDB  Middlesbrough  Unitary authority 
GB    MDW  Medway  Unitary authority 
GB    MFT  Magherafelt  District council area 
GB    MIK  Milton Keynes  Unitary authority 
GB    MLN  Midlothian  Council area 
GB    MON  Monmouthshire [Sir Fynwy GB-FYN]  Unitary authority 
GB    MRT  Merton  London borough 
GB    MRY  Moray  Council area 
GB    MTY  Merthyr Tydfil [Merthyr Tudful GB-MTU]  Unitary authority 
GB    MYL  Moyle  District council area 
GB    NAY  North Ayrshire  Council area 
GB    NBL  Northumberland  Unitary authority 
GB    NDN  North Down  District council area 
GB    NEL  North East Lincolnshire  Unitary authority 
GB    NET  Newcastle upon Tyne  Metropolitan district 
GB    NFK  Norfolk  Two-tier county 
GB    NGM  Nottingham  Unitary authority 
GB    NLK  North Lanarkshire  Council area 
GB    NLN  North Lincolnshire  Unitary authority 
GB    NSM  North Somerset  Unitary authority 
GB    NTA  Newtownabbey  District council area 
GB    NTH  Northamptonshire  Two-tier county 
GB    NTL  Neath Port Talbot [Castell-nedd Port Talbot GB-CTL]  Unitary authority 
GB    NTT  Nottinghamshire  Two-tier county 
GB    NTY  North Tyneside  Metropolitan district 
GB    NWM  Newham  London borough 
GB    NWP  Newport [Casnewydd GB-CNW]  Unitary authority 
GB    NYK  North Yorkshire  Two-tier county 
GB    NYM  Newry and Mourne  District council area 
GB    OLD  Oldham  Metropolitan district 
GB    OMH  Omagh  District council area 
GB    ORK  Orkney Islands  Council area 
GB    OXF  Oxfordshire  Two-tier county 
GB    PEM  Pembrokeshire [Sir Benfro GB-BNF]  Unitary authority 
GB    PKN  Perth and Kinross  Council area 
GB    PLY  Plymouth  Unitary authority 
GB    POL  Poole  Unitary authority 
GB    POR  Portsmouth  Unitary authority 
GB    POW  Powys  Unitary authority 
GB    PTE  Peterborough  Unitary authority 
GB    RCC  Redcar and Cleveland  Unitary authority 
GB    RCH  Rochdale  Metropolitan district 
GB    RCT  Rhondda, Cynon, Taff [Rhondda, Cynon,Taf]  Unitary authority 
GB    RDB  Redbridge  London borough 
GB    RDG  Reading  Unitary authority 
GB    RFW  Renfrewshire  Council area 
GB    RIC  Richmond upon Thames  London borough 
GB    ROT  Rotherham  Metropolitan district 
GB    RUT  Rutland  Unitary authority 
GB    SAW  Sandwell  Metropolitan district 
GB    SAY  South Ayrshire  Council area 
GB    SCB  Scottish Borders, The  Council area 
GB    SFK  Suffolk  Two-tier county 
GB    SFT  Sefton  Metropolitan district 
GB    SGC  South Gloucestershire  Unitary authority 
GB    SHF  Sheffield  Metropolitan district 
GB    SHN  St. Helens  Metropolitan district 
GB    SHR  Shropshire  Unitary authority 
GB    SKP  Stockport  Metropolitan district 
GB    SLF  Salford  Metropolitan district 
GB    SLG  Slough  Unitary authority 
GB    SLK  South Lanarkshire  Council area 
GB    SND  Sunderland  Metropolitan district 
GB    SOL  Solihull  Metropolitan district 
GB    SOM  Somerset  Two-tier county 
GB    SOS  Southend-on-Sea  Unitary authority 
GB    SRY  Surrey  Two-tier county 
GB    STB  Strabane  District council area 
GB    STE  Stoke-on-Trent  Unitary authority 
GB    STG  Stirling  Council area 
GB    STH  Southampton  Unitary authority 
GB    STN  Sutton  London borough 
GB    STS  Staffordshire  Two-tier county 
GB    STT  Stockton-on-Tees  Unitary authority 
GB    STY  South Tyneside  Metropolitan district 
GB    SWA  Swansea [Abertawe GB-ATA]  Unitary authority 
GB    SWD  Swindon  Unitary authority 
GB    SWK  Southwark  London borough 
GB    TAM  Tameside  Metropolitan district 
GB    TFW  Telford and Wrekin  Unitary authority 
GB    THR  Thurrock  Unitary authority 
GB    TOB  Torbay  Unitary authorityn 
GB    TOF  Torfaen [Tor-faen]  Unitary authority 
GB    TRF  Trafford  Metropolitan district 
GB    TWH  Tower Hamlets  London borough 
GB    VGL  Vale of Glamorgan, The [Bro Morgannwg GB-BMG]  Unitary authority 
GB    WAR  Warwickshire  Two-tier county 
GB    WBK  West Berkshire  Unitary authority 
GB    WDU  West Dunbartonshire  Council area 
GB    WFT  Waltham Forest  London borough 
GB    WGN  Wigan  Metropolitan district 
GB    WIL  Wiltshire  Unitary authority 
GB    WKF  Wakefield  Metropolitan district 
GB    WLL  Walsall  Metropolitan district 
GB    WLN  West Lothian  Council area 
GB    WLV  Wolverhampton  Metropolitan district 
GB    WND  Wandsworth  London borough 
GB    WNM  Windsor and Maidenhead  Unitary authority 
GB    WOK  Wokingham  Unitary authority 
GB    WOR  Worcestershire  Two-tier county 
GB    WRL  Wirral  Metropolitan district 
GB    WRT  Warrington  Unitary authority 
GB    WRX  Wrexham [Wrecsam GB-WRC]  Unitary authority 
GB    WSM  Westminster  London borough 
GB    WSX  West Sussex  Two-tier county 
GB    YOR  York  Unitary authority 
GB    ZET  Shetland Islands  Council area 

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