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UN/CEFACT Plenary Documentation - 6th session, March 2000

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1999/19 Report of the Fifth UN/CEFACT Session CFT-2 pdf
2000/ 1/Rev.1 Revised provisional agenda, for the sixth UN/CEFACT Session CFT-1 pdf
2000/ 2 Report of the Chairman of the CSG CFT-3 pdf
2000/ 3 Report of the CSG March 1999 Meeting CFT-3 pdf
2000/ 4 Report of the CSG June 1999 Meeting CFT-3 pdf
2000/ 5 Report of the CSG November 1999 Meeting CFT-3 pdf
2000/ 6 Report of the ITPWG Meeting CFT-4 pdf
2000/ 7 Report of the UN/EDIFACT Working group (EWG) CFT-4 pdf
2000/ 8 Creating an Efficient Environment for Trade and Transport CFT-4 pdf
2000/ 9 Electronic commerce and the simplification of administrative constraints CFT-4 pdf
2000/10 Revised Draft Recommendation No. 5 - Abbreviations of INCOTERMS CFT-5 pdf
2000/11 Revised Draft Recommendation No. 24 - Harmonization of Transport Status Codes CFT-5 pdf
2000/12 Draft Recommendation No. 30 - Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System for the Coding of Goods and Commodities CFT-5 pdf
2000/13 A strategy for the promotion of UN/CEFACT objectives CFT-6 pdf
2000/14 Report of the BPAWG CFT-4 pdf
2000/15 Proposal to Create a Business Advisory Council - (This document has been incorporated in TRADE/CEFACT/2000/13) CFT-6
2000/16 Report from the UN/CEFACT Rapporteur for Asia CFT-8 pdf
2000/17 Technical Assistance Provided by the Czech Republic in the area of trade facilitation CFT-9 pdf
2000/18 Report of the 5th Meeting of SECIPRO CFT-9 pdf
2000/19 Report of the Legal Working Group CFT-4 pdf
2000/20 Report on the progress with the ebXML Initiative (This document is replaced by TRADE/CEFACT/2000/CRP.1) CFT-4  
2000/21 UN/CEFACT's strategy for electronic business CFT-4 pdf
2000/22 UN/CEFACT's open development process for technical specifications CFT-4 pdf
2000/23 Inter-sessional approval of documents CFT-4 pdf
2000/24 Simple Electronic Business Standards CFT-4 pdf
2000/25 Draft Recommendation No. 31 - Electronic Commerce Agreement CFT-5 pdf
2000/26 Model Code of Conduct for Electronic Commerce, Draft Version 3 CFT-4 pdf
2000/27 Proposed changes to TRADE/R.650 CFT-7 pdf
2000/28 Revised Draft Recommendation No. 19 - Codes for modes of transport CFT-5 pdf
2000/29 Draft Recommendation No. 28 - Codes for types of means of transport CFT-5 pdf
2000/30 Revised Draft Recommendation No. 21 - Codes for types of cargo, packages and packaging materials CFT-5 pdf
2000/31 Memorandum of Understanding - IEC-ISO-ITU-UN/ECE CFT-10 pdf
2000/CRP.1 Report on the progress with the ebXML Initiative CFT-4 pdf
2000/CRP.2 Report from the UN/CEFACT Joint Legal Rapporteur CFT-8 pdf
2000/CRP.4 Draft UN/CEFACT recommendation No. 30 - The Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System for the Coding of Goods and Commodities. (Comments from FIATA) CFT-5 pdf
2000/CRP.5 TMWG report to the UN/CEFACT Plenary CFT-4 pdf
2000/CRP.6 Report from the Standards Liaison Rapporteur CFT-8 pdf
TRADE/R.650/Rev.1 Mandate, Terms of Reference and Procedures for UN/CEFACT CFT-7 pdf