UNUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Welcome to the UN/CEFACT Forum in Geneva, Switzerland
30 August - 3 September 2010




Opening Plenary
Welcome Address
Mr Andrey Vasilyev, UNECE Deputy Executive Secretary
Opening Plenary
Future direction and organization of the UN/CEFACT
Status report by the UN/CEFACT Bureau
TBG - Opening Plenary
Lunch & Learn 
TBG6 on Recommendation 37: Security for XML Documents
François Devoret
User Guide on CCTS 3 and NDR 3
Kevin Smith, UK Delegate to TBG 6
Briefing for Diplomats from Geneva-based Permanent Missions 
UN/CEFACT in the UN structure
Virginia Cram-Martos, Director, UNECE Trade and Timber Division
Overview of UN/CEFACT
Stuart Feder, Chair, UN/CEFACT
UN/CEFACT deliverables
Mike Doran, Chair, UN/CEFACT Forum Management Group
UNECE trade-facilitation tools and capacity-building, and the joint approach of the UN regional commissions
Tom Butterly, Chief, Global Trade Solutions Section, UNECE
United Nations Network of Experts for Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific
Markus Pikart, Team Leader, eBusiness Standards, UNECE
Trade Facilitation in the Transition Economies
Mario Apostolov, Regional Advisor on Trade Facilitation, UNECE
Technical briefing on “UN/CEFACT Standards and Recommendations”
Framework of Recommendations for Trade Facilitation and Overview of current Projects
Johan Ponten, Chair TBG15 International Trade Procedures Working Group
Technical Framework Supporting eBusiness Standards and Overview of current Projects
Christian Huemer, Chair TMG Technologies and Methodologies Group
Framework of Business Standards and Overview of current Projects
Chris Hassler, Vice Chair TBG International Trade and Business Processes Group
Framework of Core Components Library (CCL), and UN Trade Data Element Directory (UNTDED)
Mary Kay Blantz, Chair TBG17 Harmonization Working Group
How to participate in the technical work?
Anders Grangard, Vice Chair FMG
Gap Analysis Results and Other Developments
Gap Analysis Results
Peter Amstutz, Bureau Vice Chair
Technical Frameworks
Chris Hassler, TBG Vice Chair
UN/CEFACT Standards Development Advisory Team (CSDAT) Findings and Recommendations
Online Registry Developments
Garret Minakawa Vice Chair FMG
Coen Janssen, Member TBG1
Closing Plenary
Closing Plenary
Closing Bureau Report
TBG - Closing Plenary


17th UN/CEFACT Forum
Information to the Delegates
An identification badge and information pack can be collected from the "UNECE welcome desk" as from 07:30hrs. on Monday, 30 August 2010 at the Forum Venue