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List of Press Releases - 2017-3

Good governance is key to increasing Road Safety UN Says (10 May 2017)

UNECE, together with the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety, Mr. Jean Todt commemorated the beginning of the Fourth Global Road Safety Week by holding a high-level roundtable on 8 May to discuss the impact good governance can have on road safety. Every year 1.25 million people ...
Ministers from Europe and Beyond Sign Resolution to Support Inland Transport Committee (24 February 2017)

Transport ministers from across Europe and the Globe came together at the 70th anniversary session of UNECE’s Inland Transport Committee (ITC) to sign a ministerial resolution, which not only recognizes the 70 years of accomplishments of ITC but also commits to continuing to support the Committee ...
Awards of 2017 Global Road Safety Film Festival raise awareness about the fatal consequences of drink driving and distracted driving (21 February 2017)

UNECE and Life announced today the winners of the 2017 Global Road Safety Film Festival. Among the top three winners were a film about drink driving, and two films about distracted driving. The winner of the Gran Prix Prize, “Reflections from Inside Dawn” produced by NGO “We save lives” ...