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Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Bruxelles, 15-16 May 2013

 UNECE Workshop

Intelligent transport systems (ITS): Opportunities and challenges for intermodal transport

On 14 and 15 May 2013, a workshop was organized at Brussels to review the development and application of ITS projects in transport and to discuss how to ensure good governance by industries and public authorities towards efficient and sustainable freight transport systems with a focus on reliable, safe, secure, interoperable and internationally acceptable solutions. Participants discussed how modern information and communication technologies can assist modern freight and in particular intermodal transport systems to provide seamless operations and transhipment between road, rail and inland water transport modes.

The workshop was held at City Atrium in Brussels and was hosted by the Belgium Federal Public Service (FPS) - Mobility and Transport. It was chaired and moderated by Mr. Henri Maillard, Acting Director General, Sustainable Mobility and Rail Transport, FPS (Belgium) and Chair of the UNECE Working Party on Intermodal Transport and Logistics (WP.24).

The workshop was part of the UNECE road map to promote ITS towards sustainable transport and mobility. It will be followed-up at the next session of WP.24 (Geneva, 21-22 October 2013).


Objective of the UNECE Workshop


Approach and international solutions for the use of ITS in transport
Intégration de calculateurs d’information dans les services de transport

PDFITS - Opportunities and challenges for intermodal transport
STI: Possibilités et difficultés du transport intermodal
Mr. Martin Magold, Chief Sustainable Transport, UNECE Transport Division
PDFUN/CEFACT:   International solutions for intermodal transport
CEFACT/ONU: Solutions internationales pour le transport intermodal
M. Dominique Vankemmel, Coordinateur du domaine transports et logistiques, CEFACT-ONU
ForthcomingHow to overcome the gap between ITS research and application?
Comment opérer le rapprochement entre les travaux de recherche menés sur les STI et leur application?
Mr. Pawel Stelmaszczyk, Head of Unit for Intelligent Transport Systems, DG MOVE, European Commission

The importance of publishing data («open data») in ITS applications
L’importance de la publication des données («open data») pour l’application de STI
M. Philip Decap, Attaché Direction Générale Politique de Mobilité Durable et Ferroviaire, SPF Mobilité et Transports (Belgique)

Intégration de calculateurs d’information dans les services de transport
Integration of information systems in transport services
PDFRating of the environmental footprint in the logistics chain
Notation de l’empreinte environnementale des choix logistiques
M. Philippe Mangeard, Président, European TK’Blue Agency
PDFITS and the carbon footprint
STI et le comptage du CO2
M. François Janin, Mission transport intelligents, Ministère de l’écologie, du développement durable et de l’énergie (France)
PDFTelematic Working group of the RID/ADR/ADN joint meeting
Telematic Groupe de travail sur le RID/ADR/ADN réunion conjointe
M. Claude Pfauvadel, MEDD/DGEC, Mission Transport matières dangereuses (France)
PDFSafe and secure data solutions and management
Solutions et Gestion Sécurisées des données
Mme Chantal Praliaud, Mission transport intelligents, Groupe Imprimerie Nationale (France)
ITS applications in intermodal transport chains
Application des STI dans les chaînes de transport
PDFTelematic to improve mobile logistic
LaTélématique au service de la logistique durable
M. Paul Havelange, Managing Director, UBIDATA (Belgique)
PDFTSI TAP/TAF – The role of national coordinators
TSI TAP/TAF – Rôle des coordinateurs nationaux
M. Bram Bockxlaer, Attaché Direction Générale Politique de Mobilité Durable et Ferroviaire, SPF Mobilité et Transports (Belgique)
PDFDevelopments in river information services
Développements dans les services d’information fluviale
M. Benoit Adam, Attaché Direction Générale Transport Maritime, SPF Mobilité et Transports (Belgique)
Other issues for application of ITS in transport chains
Autres composantes l’application des STI dans les chaînes de transport
PDFE-maritime: Single window and beyond
Le guichet unique électronique
M. Christophe Swolfs, Attaché Direction Générale Transport Maritime, SPF Mobilité et Transports (Belgique)
PDFQuality, intermodality and  digitalization in transport chains
Qualité, intermodalité et digitalisation dans les chaines de transports : les projets i-Fret
M. Alexis Jovignot, Pôle de compétitivité I-TRANS – Projet i-FRET (France)
PDFElectronic information exchange to facilitate the movement of freight and its intermodal transfer -Governance rules in ISO/AWI TS 17187
Échange d'informations électroniques pour faciliter le mouvement du fret et son transfert intermodal – Règles de gouvernance d’ISO/AWI TS 17187
M. Tim McGrath, Vice-ChairUnited Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)
PDFThe demands and requirements of the freight forwardersLes attentes et les besoins des commissionnaires du transport intermodal
Mme Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General, European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services (CLECAT)