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In 2013 intermodal (road/rail) transport has increased by 2-3 per cent

In 2013, the development of intermodal transport in Europe was generally positive. It may be expected that, in particular accompanied intermodal road-rail traffic, has grown considerably, possibly above 5 per cent, with a total increase in overall intermodal traffic in the order of 2-3 per cent.

These positive developments are in stark contrast to 2012 when  road-rail combined transport declined in the order of 11 percent which led to a total of 2.73 million consignments or 5.45 million TEU shipped by UIRR  road-rail transport companies.  In terms of tonne-kilometers this decline was in the order of 5 per cent indicating that transport distances had increased.  National traffic dropped by 18 per cent whereas international road-rail traffic decreased by only 7 percent. Whereas unaccompanied transport declined by 9 per cent, amounting to 2.40 million consignments (4.80 million TEU), accompanied transport dropped by 24 percent and reached only 0.32 million consignments (0.647 million TEU) in 2012.