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WP.24 reviews weights and dimensions of containers and swap-bodies for intermodal transport

"Weights and dimensions of intermodal transport units in a pan-European context" will be the main subject for discussions at the forthcoming session of the Working Party WP.24 in Geneva (21-22 October 2013).

Since October 2006, the Working Party has regularly reviewed permissible weights and dimensions of intermodal transport units (containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers) suitable for intermodal transport and able to be carried without restrictions on the pan-European road, rail and inland water networks.

Within the European Union (EU), Council Directives 96/53/EC (maximum weight and dimensions of road vehicles) and 97/27/EC (masses and dimensions of motor vehicles and their trailers – type approval) are currently under review and could possibly lead to greater permissible width and lengths of road motor vehicles and vehicle combinations.

Since modifications in the permissible weights and dimensions of intermodal transport units have considerable consequences for investments in transport infrastructure and rolling stock as well as for the organization of intermodal transport, the Working Party will consider the following issues:

  • Latest developments on permissible weights and dimensions in road and rail transport in the EU and in other UNECE member States;
  • Latest developments in container transport by sea and inland waterways;
  • Role of UNECE Governments to safeguard transparent and stable framework conditions.

Eminent speakers will lead the discussions focusing on intermodal road, rail and inland water transport requirements.

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ECE/TRANS/WP.24/2013/1 - (WP.24 informal group of experts and the secretariat) 2013 Theme: Weights and Dimensions of intermodaltransport units in a pan-European context: Weights and Dimensions of intermodal transport units in a pan-European context
ECE/TRANS/WP.24/132 - Provisional agenda for the 55th session (21-23 October 2013)