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Online survey on intermodal aspects of the TIR procedure

The UNECE secretariat invites all stakeholders of intermodal transport operations to participate in an online survey on intermodal aspects of the TIR Customs transit procedure.

The TIR Convention is a Customs convention that has proved to be an efficient border crossing facilitation tool mainly for the road transport industry. The TIR Convention is used daily in 57 countries and provides for an internationally recognized Customs guarantee as well as a standardized Customs transit document.

More information on the TIR Customs transit procedure.

The TIR Executive Board (TIRExB), supervising the application of the TIR Convention, has a growing interest in the intermodal application of the TIR procedure. Such intermodal application is possible under the TIR Convention in particular for containerized transport, but seldom used. Therefore, the TIRExB asked the UNECE secretariat  to conduct a survey to better understand the reasons behind this lack of interest or awareness of the transport industry. Considering that the intermodal application of the TIR procedure could be of interest not only for road transport companies, the views of other stakeholders in the transport business would be of great interest to possibly further improve the provisions or the implementation of this aspect of the TIR Convention. Consequently, we are seeking your assistance to reach out to companies related to logistics and transport (all modes) and potential beneficiaries of this transport facilitation instrument.

The survey is available in 3 languages: English / French / Russian. It will be online until 1 March 2013.

Thank you for informing colleagues in the transport industry and/or for taking 3-5 minutes to fill-in the survey. For more information, please contact the TIR secretariat.