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We work to promote sustainable transport which is safe, clean and competitive, through the development of freight and personal mobility by inland transport modes, by improving traffic safety, environmental performance, energy efficiency, inland transport security and efficient service provision in the transport sector.

Recent News

Saudi Arabia acceded to the Convention on Road Traffic, of 8 November 1968 (map of contracting parties and Depositary Notification) and San Marino acceded to the Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be Used for such Carriage (ATP) (map of contracting parties and Depositary Notification).

78th Annual Session of ITC

From 23 to 26 February 2016, the UNECE Inland Transport Committee (ITC) met for its 78th annual session. The agenda and the working documents are available. See also the Policy Segment page and the posters of the exhibition on Transport for Sustainable Development.

List of main decisions: EnglishFrenchRussian.

The Russian Federation acceded to the Protocol to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) (Depositary Notification).

A new publication: "SPECTRUM of Border Crossing Facilitation Activities" is now available and presents the broad spectrum of UN Conventions relevant for border crossing facilitation and of which the UNECE Inland Transport Committee is the custodian, as well as other activities and tools that can make international movement of cargo and people efficient and thus improve access to markets and opportunities at global, regional and sub-regional scales.

A new publication: "Together with UNECE on the road to safety" is now available to mark the mid-term review of the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety. It offers a comprehensive overview of specific activities and initiatives undertaken by UNECE Inland Transport Committee to address challenges faced by road safety community and covers in detail the work carried out under 11 ITC road safety goals.

On 30th November, back-to-back to its 58th session, the Working Party on Intermodal Transport and Logistics will hold a workshop on "Intermodality leads to sustainability" (programme).

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