Safety in Tunnels

The three major accidents which took place in Alpine road tunnels in 1999 and 2001, and which had extremely serious human and economic consequences, brought to the fore the necessity and importance of increasing the level of safety in tunnels. UNECE, concerned with the importance of seeking the greatest possible harmonization internationally in this regard, created an Ad hoc Multidisciplinary Group of Experts with the major task of developing recommendations for minimum requirements concerning safety in tunnels of various types and lengths, beginning with road tunnels.

The final report of the Group contains forty-three recommendations in the form of measures, referring to the four factors influencing safety in tunnels, namely: road users, operation of tunnels, infrastructure and vehicles. These measures have been taken into account in their work by national authorities and international entities such as the European Commission.

Recommendations of the Group of Experts

Recommendations of the Group of Experts on Safety in Road Tunnels

TRANS/AC.7/9: English/Russian

TRANS/AC.7/9/Corr.1: French only

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Recommendations of the Group of Experts on Safety in Rail Tunnels

TRANS/AC.9/9: English/French/Russian