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Case Study Repositories


Single Window Repository: This Repository offers case studies of national implementations that reflect the content of UNECE Recommendation 33 on Single Window. Countries have shared their experiences in order to help future implementers benefit from their strengths and challenges.

Single Submission Portal Repository:  This Repository offers case studies from organizations with functional SSP solutions. These reflect the guidance provided in Recommendation 37 and shared to showcase the various types of solutions which can exist.

UNECE NTFB Repository: The UNECE NTFB Repository presents country-cases stories on existing National Trade Facilitation Bodies (NTFBs). The objective is to share experiences in order to identify common challenges and solutions to these challenges.

UN/LOCODE Child Code Repository: This repository provides a list of child-code repositories based on UN/LOCODE that can be used to identify services in a location listed in the UN/LOCODE database. These codes can provide precision on container facilities, port facilities, terminal facilities or other.