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Group of Experts on National Accounts: Measuring Global Production

7 - 9 July 2015


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Document Title
1Annotated provisional agenda


Rev.1Annotated provisional agendaPDF
Data users’ viewpoint to global production
Global Value Chains: Policy, Research and Data Requirements (Canada)PDF
Sweden’s economy – growing more knowledge intensive by global value chains (Sweden)PDF
15Closing the gaps between trade theories, trade policies and global production statistics: a practitioner's perspective (WTO)PDFPDF
WP 1The minimisation of profits tax by multinational companies and its effect on the measurement of global production (Robin Lynch, UK)PDFPDF
Country experiences in dealing with global production in economic statistics
Data collection, revision of questionnaires and compilation techniques
The Use of Economic Surveys, Business Records and the Economic Census in the statistics of the Global Manufacturing Production (Mexico)PDF
The Compilation of Goods for Processing and Merchanting in Korea under BPM6 (Republic of Korea)PDF
6 Rev.1Strategies for collecting information related to Global Production (Canada) PDFPDF
17Estimating Foreign Trade According to 2008 SNA/BPM6 (Eurostat)PDFPDF
14Combining Administrative and Statistical Sources to Estimate Goods Sent Abroad for Processing in ItalyPDFPDF
Discussant comments by Sally Thompson (US)PDF
New approaches to better understanding of the global economic landscape
4The Inward Foreign Affiliate Statistics Program at Statistics CanadaPDFPDFPDFPDF
13Trading processing for goods: a different view from the past on Italian trade flows? (Italy)PDFPDF
International Data Exchange
5International Data Sharing Agreements (Canada)PDFPDFPDFPDF
Mirror comparison: Foreign affiliates statistics in Finland and in Norway (Finland)PDF
Discussant comments by Soli Peleg (Israel)PDF
Large Cases Units
7Large and complex enterprises units (TFGP)PDFPDFPDFPDF
Global Manufacturing and Ireland’s Large Cases Unit (Ireland)PDF
16Profiling in France: Implementation and Results (France)PDFPDF
Emerging conceptual issues in global production
8Typology of Global Production Arrangements (TFGP)PDFPDFPDFPDF
3Identifying Factoryless Goods Producers – Efforts to Date (US)PDFPDFPDFPDF
9Research-based producers in SwedenPDFPDFPDFPDF
Discussant comments by Sanjiv Mahajan (UK)PDF
12The European profiling of multinational enterprise groups and the European Enterprise Groups Register: crucial tools for improving business statistics (Eurostat)PDFPDF
10Merchanting of services (TFGP)PDFPDFPDFPDF
Global accounts
Global Value Chain Analysis: Data Needs (Prof. Gary Gereffi and Prof. Frederick Mayer, Duke University)PDF

Full International and Global Accounts for Research in Input-Output Analysis (Eurostat and DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission)PDFPDF
Extended Supply-Use Tables for Internationally Integrated Economic Accounts (OECD)PDF
11Identifying Heterogeneity in the Production Components of Globally Engaged Business Enterprises in the United States (US)PDFPDF
WP 2Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action 11: Improving the Analysis of BEPS (OECD discussion paper)PDFPDF
Developing A System of Extended International and Global Accounts (Steve Landefeld on behalf of UNSD)PDF
UN Handbook on Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables with Extensions and Applications (UK)PDF
Information items
WP 3IMF Statistics Department: Path to BPM6PDF
WP 4Combining the Global Value Chain and global I-O approaches (Dr. Stacey Frederick, Duke University)PDFPDF
Report of the Friends of the Chair group on the measurement of international trade and economic globalizationPDFPDFPDF