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Work Session on Gender statistics

19 - 21 March 2014



Information Note

Gender equality in the life course
13Gender equality over the life course: insights from the Generations and Gender Programme (NIDI)PDFPDFPDF
Generations and Gender Programme (UNECE)PDF
24Grandparents make a considerable contribution to childcare in Switzerland – the challenges facing national statistics on extra-family childcare (Switzerland)PDFPDF
Experiences in collecting and using gender indicators for policymaking
3The SIGI’s experience in collecting and using gender indicators for policymaking (OECD)PDFPDFPDFPDF
4Thematic area about gender equality –
indicators used for monitoring the goal for gender equality (Sweden)
5Women's Economic Resilience Index (Israel)PDFPDFPDFPDF
6Indicators of Gender Equality (Task Force on Indicators of Gender Equality)PDFPDFPDFPDF
8Economic independence of women in the Netherlands (Netherlands)PDFPDFPDF
12The Gender Equality Index for the European Union: a robust tool for policymaking (EIGE)PDFPDFPDF
16Challenges in measuring equality and human rights (United Kingdom)PDFPDF
23Eurostat’s electronic publishing platform "Statistics Explained" and its article on gender statisticsPDFPDF
Gender segregation in education and employment and its relationship with the gender pay gap
7The narrowing gender pay gap: evidence from Canada (Canada)PDFPDFPDFPDF
10Improving the measurement of the gender pay gap in Estonia (Estonia)




14Gender Pay Gap and segregation in education, occupation and industry – evidence from Ireland (Ireland)PDFPDFPDF
18Data on gender pay gap by education level collected by UNECE (UNECE) PDFPDF
Gender analysis of census data: lessons learned from the 2010 round of censuses
20Gender statistics in Azerbaijan and a brief analysis of 2009 Census (Azerbaijan)PDFPDFPDF
Gender differences on sub-national level
9Promotion of gender indicators in Danish Municipalities (Denmark)PDFPDFPDF
17Gender differences at the sub-national level in the Republic of Moldova (Moldova)PDFPDFPDFPDF
25Highly-Qualified Female Labour Force Potentials in the Greater Zurich Region (Switzerland)PDFPDF
Well-being of men and women, including issues related to health and lifestyles
21Well-being of men and women, including issues related to health and lifestyles (Belarus)PDFPDFPDF
Time use surveys
11Are gendered differentials in time use evening out in Finland? (Finland)PDFPDF
15Revision of the International Classification of Activities for Time Use Statistics – ICATUS (UNSD)PDFPDFPDF
19Time Use in Moldova (Moldova)PDFPDF
Emerging issues in gender statistics
22The gender impact of the economic crisis (Italy)PDFPDF
Information Session
UNECE Gender Statistics Questionnaire 2014 (UNECE)PDF
Strengthening Gender Statistics in the EECA region (UNFPA)PDF
Global Gender Statistics Programme (UNSD)PDF