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Technical cooperation

Review paper by Eurostat

Coordination of technical cooperation in the UNECE region

The Bureau reviewed capacity building in February 2005 to consider how to further improve technical cooperation activities in the UNECE region. The Bureau requested UNECE, Eurostat and CIS-STAT to prepare a concrete proposal.

Outcome of the review

In February 2006, the CES Bureau approved a strategy for the coordination of technical cooperation in the UNECE region based on the paper by UNECE, Eurostat and CIS-STAT.

In end-2006, UNECE, with Eurostat and CIS-STAT, carried out a survey on donor activities in Central Asia to improve coordination of these activities. The Bureau submitted the outcome of the survey for consideration to the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities (CCSA). CCSA asked for continuous updating of information on donor programs through PRESS reporting and provision of material on ongoing projects through PARIS21. Therefore, special surveys on donor activities in Central Asia were not continued by UNECE.

Recently, UNECE jointly with Eurostat and EFTA, and with the support of the World Bank, reintroduced a revised donor coordination survey filled in both by countries and donors. The survey responses are used as an input to PARIS21.

Related initiatives

UNECE organizes technical cooperation workshops and events for statistical capacity building at countries' request.

Some of them are organized under the UN Special Programme for Economies of Central Asia (SPECA) to discuss needs for capacity building and coordinate donor activities.

Global assessments of national statistical systems are also a good example of the close coordination of activities between UNECE, Eurostat and EFTA for the benefit of countries. Currently, global assessments are used for planning donor activities by a number of international organisations, and a second round of global assessments will be conducted at countries' request to review progress.


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