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Emerging issues in statistical communication

Review paper by Ireland

In-depth review of emerging issues in statistical communication (full version)

The Bureau of the Conference of European Statisticians carried out an in-depth review of emerging issues in statistical communication in October 2017. The Bureau strongly supported considering statistical communication from a strategic viewpoint and looking at communication strategies in a broader context of risk management and business continuity. The necessity to act in real-time environment (e.g. through tweets and social media) poses an additional challenge of how to make the subject matter and communications experts work together and who can be the spokesperson for official statistics.

Outcome of the review

In December 2017, High Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS) approved a project for 2018 on Strategic Communication. The project focuses on enabling NSOs to modernise their communications at the strategic level and includes the following work packages:

  • Work Package 1: Guidelines on the strategic communications development process;
  • Work Package 2: Best practices on defining a position in the new communications environment;
  • Work Package 3: Guidelines on issue and reputation management.

Other initiatives

Seminar on “Getting our message across: Strategic reflections on modernizing statistical communication” during the 2019 CES plenary session

2018 Workshop on Statistical Data Dissemination and Communication, held in Cork, Ireland on 25-27 June


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