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Statistics on Globalisation

Review paper by Canada and United Kingdom

In-depth review of statistics on globalisation

The Bureau reviewed globalization and statistics in February 2006, and discussed the way forward to improve statistical description and treatment of globalization.

Outcome of the review

In February 2007, the Bureau set up a Working Group on the impact of globalization on national accounts to focus on the main distortions in economic statistics caused by globalization to national accounts. The guide on The impact of globalization on national accounts was endorsed by the Conference in June 2011.

In June 2008, the Conference held two CES seminars related to globalization: on strategic issues linked to the measurement of international transactions and on measuring population movement and integration in a globalized world.

In July 2007, EFTA and UNECE organized jointly with the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine a seminar on economic globalization, and published the proceedings called Economic globalization: A challenge for official statistics.

To work on the remaining issues, the Bureau set up a Task Force on global production in November 2011. The CES plenary session endorsed the Guide to measuring global production in June 2015.

Related initiatives

In April 2007, Eurostat set up a Task Force on multinational enterprises and in June 2007, an OECD Working Party on Trade in Goods and Services was launched. These groups collaborated closely with the CES Task Forces.

In 2010, the UN Statistical Commission (UNSC) endorsed International merchandise trade statistics: concepts and definitions 2010 (IMTS2010) and the International Merchandise Trade Statistics Compilers Manual was being updated.

In 2010, the UNSC also endorsed the Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services 2010 (MSITS2010).

An OECD/WTO Task Force on trade in value added has released indicators to better estimate the contribution of trade to economic growth.

In 2013, the UNSC created Friends of the Chair group to prepare a concept paper on the measurement of international trade and economic globalization and on a mechanism for coordination of work in the area.


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