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Population statistics

Review paper by UNECE

In-depth review on population statistics

The Bureau reviewed population statistics in February 2007 focusing on producing accurate population figures and the difficulty of measuring migration. The CES recommendations for the 2010 censuses of population and housing had been just published in 2006. The Bureau asked for documenting best practices in the production of demographic projections and post-census revision of population estimates.

Outcome of the review

The Bureau decided to continue the active work programme under the CES on migration and censuses. 

In June 2008, a CES seminar on measuring population movement and integration in a globalized world took place.

UNECE and Eurostat continued to organise the meetings on demographic projections  (2010, 2013).

UNECE has recently set up a Census Wiki including information and material on census taking in different countries and published Training videos.

Related initiatives

In June 2015, the CES plenary session endorsed the CES recommendations for the 2020 round of population and housing censuses.

The June 2012 CES seminar discussed challenges for future population and housing censuses based on lessons learned from the last census round. The seminar also provided input to the UN Statistical Commission’s work on population and housing censuses.


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