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population projections

Review paper by UNECE

In-depth review of population projections

The CES Bureau reviewed population projections in October 2014 and noted that national and international institutions produce an increasing number of population projections  which often lead to different results depending on the methodology and assumptions used.  Communication with policy makers, media and other users of population projections is very important. A collection of good practices on communicating population projections to users, including communicating uncertainty would be useful, as there is limited material available in this area.

Outcome of the review

The CES Bureau decided to set up a UNECE Task Force on Population Projections to prepare a collection of good practices on communicating population projections to users and to provide guidance on the establishment of a UNECE database of metadata about national and international population projections. The 2017 CES plenary session will discuss the Recommendations on Communicating Population Projections.

Related initiatives

A the international level, the United Nations and Eurostat produce national population projections. A number of other organizations publish population projections at a national (or higher) level, including Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital in Austria, to which the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) contributes. Other international organizations who have produced their own projections include the World Bank, the US Census Bureau and the Population Reference Bureau.


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