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Population ageing

Review paper by UNECE

In-depth review of statistics related to population ageing

The Bureau reviewed ageing-related statistics in November 2012, and underlined the high policy relevance of the topic in many UNECE countries. A lot of data already exists but it needs to be made more useful for policy making and more easily available.

Outcome of the review

The Bureau supported setting up the Task Force on ageing-related statistics in February 2013  to improve the availability, accessibility and comparability of these statistics. The Recommendations on ageing related statistics were considered by the CES plenary session in April 2016, and were published soon thereafter.

Related initiatives

UNECE organizes meetings on ageing as part of the UNECE population programme.

Related work was carried out by the expert group on the Active Ageing Index which finalised its activities in 2012.Relevant information on ageing has been collected also through the World Health Organization (WHO)-OECD-Eurostat survey on health statistics and the European Health Interview Survey.


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