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Strategic partnerships with the information industry

Review paper by Canada

In-depth review of strategic partnerships with the information industry

The CES Bureau carried out an in-depth review of strategic partnerships with the information industry in October 2015. The Bureau noted the landscape of information producers is changing rapidly and official statistics needs to find their appropriate place. This should be based on a wider view on the purpose of official statistics, how a statistical office relates to other information producers, and who are its potential partners and competitors. Partnerships may be a way to address resource constraints and increase the influence of official statistics.

Outcome of the review

The Bureau decided to seek input for further work from a discussion of the topic of strategic partnerships with the information industry at the 2016 CES plenary session in Paris.

As a result, in February 2017 the CES Bureau asked a small group of countries and organizations to pursue work on strategic partnerships to find good examples of effective partnerships and define those partnerships statistical offices should engage in to increase their value to society.

Related initiatives

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data is an example of new kind of partnership to meet data needs. This initiative has been met with enthusiasm from the information industry and civil society organizations. For official statistics community, it presents an opportunity to reach out to data users.

Some good examples of results achieved through partnerships are the sandbox and work on big data under the High-level group for the modernization of official statistics (HLG-MOS), and an EU pilot project to get access to big data for all EU countries.


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