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Labour statistics

Review paper by ILO and Italy

In-depth review of labour statistics by ILO and Italy

In February 2005, the Bureau reviewed labour statistics, and noted that the mechanisms for the coordination of work in labour statistics are in place, but that in some areas international comparability and availability of data needs improvements, such as the measurement of working hours needed for productivity calculations.

In February 2006, the Bureau set up a Task Force on measurement of quality of work, and in October 2006, the Task Force on volunteering work, both with ILO leadership. The work was carried forward by the Expert Group on measuring quality of employment, established in January 2012.

Outcome of the review

In June 2010, the Conference endorsed the Report on potential indicators for measurement of quality of employment. UNECE also published nine country studies and a validation study in 2010 in a publication called Measuring quality of Employment, Country pilot reports.

In June 2015, the Conference reviewed the Handbook on Measuring Quality of Employment, A Statistical Framework.

Related initiatives

A UNECE/ILO/Eurostat meeting of the group of experts on measuring quality of employment is held every second year to discuss methodological development.

In the area of volunteering work, ILO published the Manual on the measurement of volunteer work in 2011 with input from UNECE, Eurostat and a number of countries.


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