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Income and consumption

Review paper by Canada

In-depth review of income and consumption

In February 2005, the Bureau reviewed the statistics on income and consumption to consider how to produce internationally comparable household income data for research purposes.

Outcome of the review

The Bureau noted that while there is good progress towards a common definition of household income, there is no basic agreement on a standardised definition of poverty that would allow international comparisons. The Bureau supported the proposal not to aim for a single definition of poverty but rather for a multidimensional set of indicators (including indicators on social exclusion). The Bureau suggested cooperation with the Canberra group and the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS).

The Bureau reviewed statistics on income, living conditions and poverty again in October 2007, and launched further work to update the Canberra group handbook.

Poverty statistics was reviewed in November 2012, which led to establishing a UNECE Task Force on poverty measurement.


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