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Gender statistics

Review paper by UNECE

In-depth review on gender statistics

The Bureau reviewed gender statistics groups in October 2007, and decided to continue the active CES work on gender statistics with a strong link to global initiatives. Soon after the review, the Global Forum on Gender Statistics, held in December 2007, launched a Global Gender Statistics Programme and an Interagency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics (IAEG-GS).

Outcome of the review

The CES Task Force on gender-based violence provided substantive input to the Global Programme, e.g. to the set of indicators on measuring violence against women, which was endorsed by UN Statistical Commission (UNSC) in February 2009. The CES Task Force developed of a survey module for collecting data on this set of indicators.

In 2007-2010, UNECE carried out a number of capacity building activities with support by the World Bank and the UN Development Account. These included a number of regional and national training workshops on gender statistics and measuring gender-based violence. In total, 13 training videos were prepared and are available in English and Russian.

The manual Developing Gender Statistics: A Practical Tool was endorsed by the Conference of European Statisticians in June 2010.

Related initiatives

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In April 2014, the CES plenary session endorsed Indicators of Gender Equality for the UNECE region. 


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