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Government finance, fiscal and public sector statistics

Review paper by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

In-depth review on government finance, fiscal and public sector statistics

The Bureau reviewed government finance statistics (GFS), fiscal and public sector statistics in October 2009, and called for more cooperation between international agencies active in GFS. Training and technical assistance on GFS to countries with developing statistical systems would be beneficial.

Outcome of the review

Capacity building activities to improve GFS implementation were held jointly with IMF and EFTA on:

  • Links between Government Finance and National Accounts for East Europe and Central Asian countries, 2-6 May 2011, Vienna, Austria.
  • Links between Government Finance Statistic and the National Accounts, 20-22 November 2013, Istanbul, Turkey.

Related initiatives

An IMF group of experts on GFS published a pre-publication draft of the updated manual, Government Finance Statistics Manual 2014 to bring it in line with 2008 System of National Accounts (SNA), the Balance of Payments Manual 6th edition and Guide for Public Sector Debt Statistics.


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