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Data integration

Review paper by UNECE and the High-level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS)

In-depth review of data integration (full version)

The CES Bureau carried out an in-depth review of data integration in February 2017. Data integration provides the potential to produce more timely, more disaggregated statistics at higher frequencies than traditional approaches alone. No or limited guidelines exist for data integration and a comprehensive overview of experiences is missing, therefore increased sharing of experiences and intensification of collaboration between national statistical offices and other agencies producing official statistics as well as data providers is strongly recommended.

Outcome of the review 

The CES Bureau expressed strong support for the HLG-MOS project on data integration, as this topic is high on the agendas of statistical organizations. In some countries, statisticians are asked to give guidance on cross-government data integration activities. This is part of a wider role of National Statistical Offices (NSOs) and linked with the value of official statistics.

The Bureau asked HLG-MOS to report to the Bureau on the outcomes of the 2017 project on data integration, including the collection of practical case studies and guidelines on data integration, in February 2018. The Bureau will then decide about possible follow-up activities. In addition, the Bureau asked the project team to review other global initiatives related to data integration to avoid any possible duplication. The regular UNECE Meetings of Experts on Data Collection will provide a platform for discussing issues related to data integration.

Related initiatives

Related projects are carried out under the European Statistical System, ESSnet and ESS.VIP:

•           ESS.VIP ADMIN Project: this project aims to find ways to optimise the use and accessibility of administrative data sources in the production of official statistics while guaranteeing the quality and comparability of these statistics.

•           ESSnet project on Data Integration: this completed project focused on the methodologies and methodological issues of micro data integration.

•           ESSnet project Integration of Survey and Administrative Data: the project aimed at developing the knowledge and expertise of participating NSOs in the use of integrated survey and administrative Data in the production of official statistics.

•           ESSnet project on macro-integration: this project discusses various methods of integrating data sources at aggregated or macro level.


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