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Governance statistics

Review paper by Mexico, Turkey and OECD

In-depth review of governance statistics (full version)

The CES Bureau carried out an in-depth review of governance in October 2016. The Bureau noted that the demand for governance statistics is increasing, particularly in the context of SDGs and the Goal 16 “Peace, justice and strong institutions”. Even though National Statistical Offices (NSOs) are careful about measuring governance because of its political implications, it is important to note that NSOs are well placed to measure governance. Based on the conceptual framework presented in the in-depth review, a measurement framework could be developed.

Outcome of the review

The Bureau noted that the in-depth review paper could provide valuable input to the work of the Praia City Group on governance statistics. Any possible future work on measuring governance should take into account the results achieved by the Praia group, whose work was commended by the Bureau. The Bureau decided to wait for outcomes of the current initiatives before deciding on concrete actions on governance statistics under CES.

Related initiatives

The Praia City Group is working towards a road map on governance statistics.

There are also some other developments at international level to advance governance statistics. For example, OECD is developing guidelines on measuring trust, to be finalized by mid-2017. A household survey that includes questions related to governance is being carried out in African countries under the Strategy for the Harmonisation of Statistics (ShaSA) initiative.


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