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Gaps in gender statistics

Review paper by Mexico and UNECE

In-depth review of gaps in gender statistics (full version)

The Bureau of the Conference of European Statisticians carried out an in-depth review of gaps in gender statistics in October 2017. The Bureau noted that gender statistics remains of high interest to the countries and although much progress has been made, it is a challenging area that creates a need for strong partnerships due to its cross-cutting nature and diversity of topics covered.

An important area requiring further attention from the international community is communication and, relatedly, use and interpretation of gender statistics. The potential for a positively reinforcing relationship between use of gender statistics for developing or evaluating policies, and support for collection and production of gender statistics was also highlighted.

Outcome of the review 

In February 2018, the CES Bureau established a new Task Force on Communication of Gender Statistics and decided to conduct an in-depth review on measuring gender identity in February 2019.

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