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Entrepreneurship statistics

Review paper by Eurostat and OECD

In-depth review of entrepreneurship statistics

The Bureau reviewed entrepreneurship statistics in October 2013, and noted that the data on entrepreneurship are often not comparable between countries, partially due to the differing legal basis, social and cultural aspects, market conditions, access to finance and knowledge.

Outcome of the review

The Bureau asked the UNECE Task Force on statistical business registers to address those issues that relate to business registers. UNECE published the Guidelines on Statistical Business Registers in August 2015. The guidelines also consider analysis of entrepreneurship using business registers.

To address the remaining gaps, the CES Bureau established in June 2016 a Task Force on Entrepreneurship Statistics to develop guidelines on the statistical infrastructure required to support the production of business demography and entrepreneurship statistics.

Related initiatives

The OECD/Eurostat Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme (EIP) is aimed at the development of policy-relevant and internationally-comparable indicators of entrepreneurship and its determinants.

The joint UNECE/Eurostat/OECD Expert Group on Business registers meets every second year to discuss methodological issues in business registers. Its decisions also sometimes influence possibilities for compiling high quality entrepreneurship statistics.


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