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Diversification of census methodology

Review paper by Finland and Turkey

In-depth review of diversification of population census methodology and sources

The CES Bureau carried out an in-depth review of diversification of population census methodology and sources in October 2015. The Bureau noted that considering the increasing use of administrative data and registers in censuses, it is very important to prepare new guidelines to harmonize the use of register sources and promote the use of multiple other data sources. Training would be needed on issues related to internet response; use of geographic information systems (GIS), mobile devices and other technology; and methods for ensuring data confidentiality when disseminating small area data.

Outcome of the review

The Bureau decided to establish a Task Force to develop guidelines on the use of registers for population and housing censuses covering operational, practical, technical and legal aspects. The Conference of European Statisticians will discuss the outcomes in 2018. The Bureau supported the suggestion to organize training on new census sources and methodologies.

Related initiatives

The Task Force will work in coordination with Eurostat’s ESS.VIP.ADMIN project (part of ESS Vision 2020) on the assessment of the quality of administrative sources.


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