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Business statistics

Review paper by IMF, Finland, UNSD, UNECE, Eurostat, Canada

In-depth review on business statistics by IMF, Finland, UNSD, UNECE, Eurostat, Canada

The Bureau reviewed strategic issues in business statistics in February 2007, and noted that the lack of guidelines, challenges in coherence of business statistics and the need for a wider vision on the future directions.

Outcome of the review

The Bureau set up a small group to prepare an overview of the strategic issues, and to organize a CES seminar on Strategic issues in business statistics held in June 2009. Further work was not launched after the seminar, although some papers on business microdata, user demand and response burden were drafted and the Guidelines on managing statistical confidentiality and microdata access were updated with country case studies.

Related initiatives

In June 2015, the CES plenary session endorsed the Guidelines on statistical business registers.

At the time of the review, EU had launched the programme for Modernisation of European Enterprise and Trade Statistics (MEETS) to further harmonize and streamline business and trade statistics in the EU.

A UN Statistical Commission Friends of the Chair group extended initial recommendations to Guidelines on Integrated Economic Statistics in 2013, with participation for example from Eurostat, IMF, OECD and UNECE. A knowledge base on Economic Statistics was developed in this context.


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