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Country Profiles on the Housing Sector: Romania (2001)



Chapter IFramework for the housing sector
Chapter IIHousing stock and construction
Chapter IIIInstitutional framework
Chapter IVLegal framework
Chapter VFinancial framework
Summary and recommendations
Full report ECE/HBP/124 (English)

In October 2002 a roundtable discussion to follow-up the country profile was initiated by the Government of Romania. The roundtable brought together once again all the parties which were involved in the country profile. The aim of the round table discussion was to assess the developments in the Romanian housing sector since the international expert team visited Romania in 2000, to evaluate the implementation of the recommendations given by the experts, to discuss future strategies for the Romanian housing sector and to assess the significance of the country profile for Romania’s housing policy.

The main findings of the roundtable discussion are summarized in the report of the Bucharest roundtable.