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Real Estate Market Advisory Group (REM)

The Real Estate Market Advisory Group (REM) is an advisory body to the Committee on Housing and Land Management and the Working Party on Land Administration.  It consists of experts from:

  • The private sector;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Non-governmental organizations;
  • Professional associations dealing with the promotion of the real estate market, financial services and land administration.

The goals of the Real Estate Market Advisory group were set by Member States and through decisions taken by the Committee, and are to:

  • Provide practical advice on the challenges linked to improving the environment for real estate investments, real estate markets and housing development;
  • Develop and promote policy frameworks that support sustainable real estate markets including best practices in promoting investment in national real estate sectors in individual countries;
  • Undertake relevant studies and advisory missions, organize seminars and training workshops, draft policy models and guidelines, collect data, and provide information and training kits;
  • Assist countries in training and capacity-building within the real estate and land administration sectors

The Advisory Group operates in accordance with the guidelines for the establishment and functioning of teams of specialists within UNECE (ECE/EX/2/Rev.1).