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1) Negotiations on transboundary water management agreements with neighboring countries

Serbia originally signed agreements on cooperation on transboundary waters with Romania and Hungary in 1955, and bilateral commissions were established at that time. Negotiations on a new agreement with Romania started in 2010, and Serbia expects that negotiations with Hungary and Croatia on a similar new agreement will take place in 2012. This action hopes to see these negotiations finalized, and the new agreements with Romania, Hungary and Croatia signed and ratified sometime in 2013.

2) Preparation and implementation of the national Danube River Basin Management Plan

Water Law in accordance with the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) was adopted in 2010. The National Danube River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) is expected to be finalized and adopted by the Government in 2012. Implementation will start following the adoption of the Plan, and efforts to draft a second RBMP will begin shortly thereafter.

3) Preparation and implementation of the Sava River Basin Management Plan

By signing the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin (FASRB), Serbia and the other Parties to the Agreement committed themselves to developing a common Sava River Basin Management Plan (Sava RBM Plan), in accordance with the EU WFD. The first Sava RBM Plan is being developed, and the Plan is expected to be finalized and adopted by the Parties in 2012. Following the adoption of the first Plan, the implementation of the Programme of Measures will begin and the 2nd cycle of RBM planning will be launched.

Progress reports:


All three actions were listed as "In Progress" in the 2013 report. The negotiations necessary for the completion of the first action have been stalled due to budget constraints, but the report indicated that negotiations with Romania, Hungary, and Croatia would likely resume in October 2013. Preparations for the National Danube RBMP in the second action are in the final stages. The Sava RBM Plan in the third action has been prepared, but cannot be fully implemented until it has been adopted by all Parties.


To be submitted.

Challenges and lessons learned:

Serbia's report highlighted the difficulties encountered in implementing these actions due to financial crises and resulting budget constraints. A lack of available data was also listed as a major issue.

The report also stated that since the national legislation in non-EU Sava countries is not fully harmonized with EU standards, a modified approach, in comparison to that required by the WFD, had to be applied, requiring creative planning and negotiations. 

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