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Republic of Moldova


1) Improvement of landscapes role in formation of water regime. Protection of the Lower Dniester and Lower Prut wetland ecosystems by creation of the “Lower Dniester” National Park and Lower Prut biosphere reserve and initiation of creation of the Lower Dniester transboundary protected area with Ukraine.

This action will involve the elaboration of the management plan for the Lower Dniester Ramsar site, as well as the preparation and establishment of the national park by 2014. Moldova will also pursue negotiations with Ukraine on a joint concept of the Lower Dniester transboundary protected nature area.

2) Elaboration of the integrated water resources management river basin plan

Before 2013, Moldova plans to develop a number of documents and mechanisms for implementing the principles of the EU Water Framework Directive. In addition, prior to 2015, Moldova plans to establish an information system on water, an electronic permits system, and to develop a management plan for the Prut River.

3) Ensuring Implementation and maintenance of strict target settings of reduction of the pollution from municipal industrial sources and discharge permits.

With this action, Moldova aims to construct treatment facilities to clean stormwater runoff from urbanized areas in two cities before 2020. By 2015, the country plans to develop strategies for rain water and to clean up wastewater discharge limits in a dozen cities and villages.

4) Improvement of action plans of the emergency situations in industrial accidents

Moldova will continue to work to prevent accidents in the framework of bilateral cooperation activities and to develop and update response plans in case of accidents.

5) Water policy dialogues

Moldova plans to continue work on the National Dialogue on the Implementation of the Protocol on Water and Health. This action also hopes to introduce a mechanism for dialogue for the reform of the water and sewer sector, and Moldova hopes to exchange its experiences in these areas with other countries.

6) Implementation of the Protocol on Water and Health

This action seeks to continue to work on the implementation of the Protocol in Moldova, and the country looks forward to engaging in dialogues with other countries to share experiences related to the Protocol and its implementation.

7) Continuation of the implementation of pilot projects on adaptation to climate change in transboundary basins and use of the experience exchange platform on Water Convention

Moldova and Ukraine will continue to co-implement projects to adapt to climate change.

8) Ratification of the new bilateral agreement on transboundary cooperation with Ukraine on the management of Dniester basin waters

This action will help Moldova to prepare and sign a cooperation agreement with Ukraine on the management of the Dniester river.

Progress reports:


Actions 1 through 7 were listed as "In Progress" and Action 8 had been "Completed" by the 2013 report. For Action 5, Moldova plans to continue the Dialogue for the implementation of the Protocol on Water and Health and continue its exchanges with other countries. 


To be submitted.

Challenges and lessons learned:

Moldova encountered challenges in pursuing the first action due to disagreements with an involved organization over which territories were included as part of the action. Moldova also noted that it has learned to how to attract experts who have significant experience in the field of water and health, as well as the importance of working with NGOs with substantial experience in these areas as a consulting party to develop targets. 

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